Full service design is about
letting our team handle every detail.

From research, selection, purchasing and other logistics so all you have to do is come home to a beautiful and completed home. We offer a turnkey experience and strive to complete installation in one week.


Our 8-Step Design Process:

STEP 1: Initial Client Meeting
In this meeting, we’ll ask you lots of questions to get to know a little about you and your family. We’ll discuss your ideas and goals for each space. We’ll leave you with homework to gather images that illustrate your style and what you’re trying to achieve.

STEP 2: Contract & Deposit
Shortly after the initial consultation you will receive a visual preview of your design, a proposal and a contract. The contract will detail the scope of your project, fee structure, and designer and client responsibilities. Along with signing the contract, you will be required to pay a deposit that will apply to the cost of your project.

STEP 3: Launch Meeting
The design launch meeting will take place shortly after the contract is signed and the deposit is collected. During this meeting, we’ll discuss the design plan and project scheduling. At this time, we’ll also cover the scheduling of trade professionals to cover any projects before installation.

STEP 4: Design Scheme
The next step is to create your design scheme. This starts with developing color palettes, sourcing fabrics, furniture, fixtures and materials. Materials for flooring, counters and cabinetry are selected and a lighting plan is developed. This is the most time-consuming aspect of the process and can sometimes take several weeks depending on the scope of your project.

STEP 5: Presentation
Once the design scheme is completed, we’ll schedule an in-person meeting where we will present the details. You will be presented with the design, space plan, fabrics, hardware, samples and photos. You will sign a written approval of your design and final payment will be collected.

STEP 6: Trade Work Begins
If there is work to be done by trades we schedule this as soon as possible. We manage the scheduling and oversee the work to make sure the design is executed properly.

STEP 7: Installation
This is where the magic happens. Now the furniture is delivered and assembled, wall décor is hung, area rugs are laid, window treatments are mounted, and accessories arranged. Installation for multiple rooms is completed within a week, but we strive for one-day.

STEP 8: Miscellaneous
It’s normal to have a few unexpected details to address after installation. We’ll detail any stone left unturned and develop a plan to resolve each item as quickly as possible.