Faneisha Nibbs  Owner & Principal Designer

Faneisha Nibbs

Owner & Principal Designer

Hi there! My name is Jaye and I design spaces for ambitious clients who wish to rest and recharge in a beautiful home each day. My design approach puts a professionally designed home within reach, making it an indulgence that every hard working person can enjoy.

I’ve been designing spaces for six years beginning with a dearly departed lifestyle blog where my interests in interior design ultimately transcended my regard for the complete lifestyle vignette. My personal motto is “look formal, but be casual.” And with that, I live by a winking veneer of elegance and formality that is quickly unwound by a need for laughter and light-hearted mischief.
I’m a creative spirit who is graciously talented at many, many things, but my knowledge of interior design comes from a profound love of the world around me - thanks to my mother who was the human parallel to online shopping in the 1980’s. When local suppliers didn’t cut it, we’d journey on trips in every direction in search of well-priced marble, crystal or wool rugs, occasionally landing us in neighboring countries like Turkey or Czechoslovakia. Having lived and traveled abroad, I am a true student of the living, breathing world where colors and textures affect everyone – even a pigtailed little girl who skips up the aisles of European markets with the single hope that every shop owner offers her a Coca Cola.
I guess it’s true that eventually you become your mother. Here I am in the throes of a life encompassing pursuit to elevate domestic life and make it a little more beautiful.